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Southwest South Georgia District

Arlington UMC Next Steps Progress Report April 2016

Thrift Store

The Rise Up Thrift Store has opened! So far we have made 50+ contacts in the community and have gathered contact information through the “Members Program” that we offered. We adjusted the hours to fit the community pattern—customers come in during the week more than on Saturday. However, they respond very positively to “Special Saturdays” so there will be a monthly “Yard Sale Saturday” beginning in May 2016. We now how have regulars who come by to shop and visit—sometimes we get to pray with them too!

The Sunday School suites in the main church building have been cleaned, organized, and prepared for us to begin our new Sunday School schedule on the first Sunday in May. 

Adjustments are being made slowly but we are poised to continue to reach out and restructure our Sunday School to be open and friendly to make newcomers feel at home.

The Evangelism Committee is planning to meet and develop the shepherding program for nurture of current members and a visitation team and visitation schedule to reach out on a regular basis to the contacts we make in the community who are prospects for our church ministry.

The Next Step Ministry Team and other leaders are looking toward attending a training program to gather more “tools” for our toolbox—How to overcome socioeconomic and racial barriers etc. This idea was presented by a member of the congregation and embraced by all who are currently involved with the hands-on work involved with the Thrift Store and Evangelism.

The church has also initiated a community wide prayer service.

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