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Holston Conference/Wytheville District

Pastor/Church Reports

Many churches use cookbooks and mugs as fundraisers. Westview UMC in the southwest district of South Georgia annual conference uses their cookbooks and mugs as gifts to their neighbors and visitors. This act of hospitality is outstanding. Rather than thinking about US and making money for OUR church they are thinking about OTHERS and extending God’s grace to guests.

Several churches in the Wytheville District are participating in the vitality ministry of NSMN.

This is the first report of the 1st Cohort.


At the first follow-up session these are some of their stories; 


First United Methodist Pulaski - Seeking congregational unity, the church has conducted several listening sessions as well as experimented with worship styles and times. They are moving ahead seeking God’s direction for their next step in congregational unity. A very exciting off site Bible study, meeting in a local eatery, has seen significant ministry opportunities within unchurched in the community.











Auburn UMC - they are in process of networking with their local schools and assisting in education with elementary students. They are beginning a pilot project with 15 students in a mentoring program. The students are selected by the teachers of the local elementary school to participate in the program. The church discovered that their number one lifestyle group in their area was “digital dependents”. To that end, they have completely renovated their web presence with a new Facebook page, new website, Twitter, Instagram, accounts as well as daily devotions and sermons online.













Shiloh and Woodlawn United Methodist churches – They are moving ahead with a web presence for each church with the pastor developing and leading a email Bible study. the Woodlawn church is beginning a newborn baby ministry as well has further developing a food ministry. The Shiloh church has plans for a live nativity scene which will be community based. They are becoming more involved with the Community Center across the street.

















Dublin First UMC – Is developing a discipleship path for the congregation. they are engaging the community with specific ministries for those suffering from addictions. Their Pastor has become involved with the local “Drug Court” where he sits with other community leaders in hearing and recommending specific paths forward for drug offenders.



















As these churches continue to reach out into their community by becoming the hands and feet of Jesus.  God is blessing their efforts.

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