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Knoxville District

Holston Conference

April 2016 - Asbury UMC Kickoff of 2nd Cohort of churches

6 churches total

Church:  New Life UMC, Knoxville District, Holston Conference

Pastor: Teresa Atkins McClure

May 19, 2016

Our purpose is to set aside one hour for New Life members to pray for God’s vision, provision and guidance in seeing the needs and opportunities within our community and to pray for our obedience and boldness to follow God’s calling in partnering with him as we serve and love in the community. The recipient of the ministry will be the people in the community and the people within the church. The group prayer walk will be one hour following worship on Sunday, May 22.  The individual prayer/prayer walk will occur any time of their choosing within 24 hours and to be completed by Mon., May 22.

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