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The Next Steps

Our Team will connect with your congregation through a 14 month, supportive process that encourages hopefulness and faithfulness. With a customized approach for each congregation, this ministry process helps congregational leadership teams become transformation agents within their respective congregations and within their communities. With high levels of congregational involvement and increased activity through missional engagement, these congregations will be empowered in ministry and will renew, broaden, and establish new connections with their communities. Through these new and renewed connections, congregations will take Next-Steps to move outside of the walls of the church, to build relationships with others, and to bring new people into the Kingdom of God. We believe the ultimate goal of this Next-Step Ministry is to win the Least, the Last and the Lost to Christ.



Key Steps In
The Next-Step Ministry



  • District Superintendent selection of six to eight congregations

  • Pastoral and congregational commitment

  • Congregational leadership team formation (pastor and up to five lay persons)

  • Local, district leader identification as ministry resource persons (one per pastor)


Launch Event for congregational leadership teams.


2 Day Workshop

  • Friday (6:00-9:00pm)

  • Saturday (9:00–3:00)



Vitality team work - Reflection by Pastors and leadership teams;


1. Who are we? – Identity 

2. What is our mission? – Calling 

3. Who is our neighbor? – Community  demographics utilizing Missioninsite reports 

4. What is our next step? – Making Specific Plans -   (to be achieved in six weeks  and to include no increase in the current budget.  Funding always follows Vision)


Ministry resource people training.

These individuals hold the local church and pastor in accountability to the steps and dreams and visions they develop increasing fruitfulness to as much as 95%.


Congregational leadership team implementation of next steps in ministry with unlimited email and telephone support.


Pastor Check-In Session - to see how the process is moving and where additional resources are needed. Support and accountability for congregational leadership teams in their Next-Steps Ministry 

1. ​4-5 follow up sessions with pastor (3-5pm)

2. same day Team Training Workshop (6-8pm)

These gatherings constitute the accountability component of the process.


The Consultants customize this process to include other aspects of training and facilitation as deemed necessary by the local district leadership.


 This  poster tells the story of the history of Daisy UMC. When we remember our best history God calls us to relive that history today. Not traditionalism, but discovering  how your congregation responded to the call of God in the past. This gives clues as to how God will use your church today.

    Let me be clear, we are not advocating reliving the past, we are advocating living into our best past history  and following God into the future.

Having vision and setting goals are extremely important in all of life. Even in shoveling snow! It is important to remember where we are going and what our ultimate goal is. A cleaned sidewalk does not just happen by itself.

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