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Smoky Mountain District

Western North Carolina

UPDATE March 2015

Canton Central UMC



Western North Carolina September 2, 2014

Bryson City UMC

Restoration House

This house has been further restored thanks to a group from Kennesaw, GA (River of Life/NOC connection). BCUMC is considering how this restored house might be a location for restoring lives (i.e. homeless shelter, transitional housing, or housing mission teams). The church and community have noticed that work has been done and how much better the house looks, and the response has been very positive. BCUMC is not yet in a position financially to  support a ministry in this house. They have already received interest from other community partners about how they might execute ministry in the house (Presbyterians, local coffeehouse). They are exploring what it would entail to establish a 401c3—this would broaden the possibility for outside partnerships. BCUMC continues to distribute gift bags to guests. They estimate that they have given 15-20 bags thus far.


REMINDER TO ALL: For any ministry efforts when feasible, COUNT what you do!


BCUMC seeks to be intentionally hospitable. They are, also, giving out reusable shopping bags with the BCUMC logo on the bags. (These bags are kindly donated by a woman in Raleigh.) They include Hershey kisses in the gift bags for guests—how about “Kiss a Neighbor” ministry. They are assessing the night out/date night ministry—considering whether possibly to eliminate the ministry because of challenges with getting volunteers and beneficiaries.


TIP FOR ALL: When assessing a ministry, think in this way—“We were doing this so that…” What is the learning from doing the ministry? What were you trying to do?

They have 6 cords of wood available for winter delivery. (Don’t forget to COUNT once deliveries begin!) BCUMC hopes to get youth and young adults involved in this ministry. Might contact schools, guidance counselors, civic groups, etc. to make this service opportunity available.

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